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Dr. Jay Smile excels in cosmetic dentistry, specializing in crafting genuine, custom smiles with designer veneers that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Biography of Dr. Juan Carlos “Jay Smile” Izquierdo

Dr. Juan Carlos Izquierdo, affectionately known as Jay Smile, is a distinguished dental professional originating from Miami, Florida. With an intrinsic passion for dentistry evident from his youth, Dr. Jay pursued his education at the esteemed Boston University in Massachusetts, a hub for technological innovations and advancements in dental science. There, he earned accolades for his deep engagement in aesthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry, particularly focusing on the art of smile design and its impact on enhancing facial aesthetics.

Personal Life

Married to Dr. G since 2016, Dr. Jay resides in Miami where he blends professional life with personal interests seamlessly. When not transforming smiles, he indulges in networking, automobiles, fashion shopping, and exploring new destinations. Dr. Jay’s vibrant personality and lifestyle can be seen on his Instagram handle, @dr.jaysmile, where he shares insights into his professional endeavors and personal adventures.

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Dental Design Smile Miami Competing Dental Clinics
Over 1000 Smile Transformations Yes No
In-House Laboratories Yes No
Mock-up Previews Before Treatment Yes No
Complete VIP Smile Makeover in Just One Day: Exclusive Access to Our Laboratory Yes No
Affordable Financing Options Starting at 0% Interest Yes No

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